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When you become a member of Neuse Neighbors Network, you no longer have to rely on friends
or distant family members for assistance with simple household tasks or transportation needs. 

Instead, you link into a team of volunteers dedicated to helping you live safely and comfortably
in your own home for as long as possible.*

Here's a sampling of the many benefits available to our members:

Private Transportation: Based on availability, our volunteers provide transportation for medical appointments, grocery shopping, social outings, and personal errands. Please note we are not able to provide transportation for members who need assistance transferring from wheelchairs unless they are accompanied by a partner who accepts that responsibility.

Household Help for short term, light maintenance. Volunteers may help with changing light bulbs, HVAC filters, smoke alarms, or other tasks that exceed the ability of the member.

Quality of Life Support: Dog walking, respite visits for caregivers, accompany you when contractors are in your home, or run short errands are among the many services volunteers may provide to enhance members' quality of life and reduce isolation.

Technology Assistance:  Volunteers may be able to help with technical issues involving your smart phones, smart tv's, streaming systems, internet connections, and computers.  

Home Safety Check List: A professionally sourced safety check list will be provided to new members to help them identify potential safety hazards in their own home.

Discounts at Local Businesses: We maintain a list of local businesses and vendors who offer special pricing or incentives to our members.  Additionally, a list of contractors and service providers who have been referred by fellow members is available. 

Resource for Local Service Information: We maintain a database that identifies local agencies and services that may be of specific interest to our members.

*Most service periods are limited to two hours


We are ready to serve you now!

If you'd like to view our Member enrollment form, click here


Neuse Neighbors Network  PO Box 408  252-665-8807




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