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We are proud to establish a strategic partnership with PrimeTime.
  Neuse Neighbors Network and PrimeTime share a common mission - to enhance the quality of life for seniors in our community. We believe that by partnering with them, we are able to expand our services, strengthen our resources, and develop greater opportunities to serve our members.



PrimeTime provides services and activities promoting the physical, social, mental, and spiritual wellbeing of the 50-plus community in Oriental and surrounding areas, mostly at no charge. PrimeTime assists area residents in sustaining an independent and enriched quality of life.  The Nurse Advocate helps indiviudals and famiies navigate the healthcare system.

In addition, there are many activities to keep residents engaged, such as Lunch and Learn sessions, Health & Wellness seminars, monthly trips, breakfast and dinner clubs, grief support, and others.

To learn more about PrimeTime programs, please contact Debora Steenson, PrimeTime Director, at 252-371-1600 ext. 1,
or email


Our "What's New" Events Calendar for updates on Neuse Neighbors Network and PrimeTime activities!


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