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We are proud to establish a strategic partnership with Prime Time.
  Neuse Neighbors Network and Prime Time share a common mission - to enhance the quality of life for seniors in our community. We believe that by partnering with them, we are able to expand our services, strengthen our resources, and develop greater opportunities to serve our members.




We  have partnered with Prime Time to provide the most comprehensive services possible to our members. Prime Time will continue to sponsor social activities, educational events, and health advocate services that promote the physical, social, mental, and spiritual well being for residents in the service area. Additionally, Prime Time's Health Advocate, Brenda Milos, helps clients remain healthy and independent through consultation, education, and advocacy. As a case manager, the Healthcare Advocate provides guidance to clients and their families tailored to their physical, mental, and spiritual needs. 


Neuse Neighbors Network volunteers can provide a helping hand with light household tasks and provide private transportation for our members’ errands, shopping, medical, or social appointments. 


It’s the goal of both Prime Time and NNN that the transportation component currently provided by Prime Time will be phased out as NNN becomes active. Prime Time will continue to provide transportation to clients in the Oriental area until those individuals become members of Neuse Neighbor Network.  Prime Time will strongly encourage NNN membership because of the many added benefits of NNN services.


In the expanded service area northwest and southeast of the Oriental area, Prime Time will also encourage NNN membership for new medical transportation clients.

To learn more about Prime Time programs, please contact Debora Steenson, Prime Time Director, at 252-675-0909, or email You can also contact Health Advocate Brenda Milos at 252-675-0981.


Check out our "What's New" Events Calendar for updates on Neuse Neighbors Network and Prime Time activities!


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